IntelliSIMS personnel have been developing Integrity Management Programs for operators around the world for over 10-years. The approach has been shown to significantly reduce operating costs for most cases, yet equally important is the improved understanding of structural risk from hurricanes and other events that can be applied to improve decision making through the full life-cycle of the asset. An Integrity Management Program strengthens the performance, integrity, and overall life of a facility; this is achieved through the lifecycle of Data, Management, Strategy and Execution.

Services include:

  • Preparation of world class Company-specific IM System Written Description for structures or other equipment types
  • Gap analysis to Company existing processes
  • Preparation of system implementation plans to fill gaps identified in the gap analysis
  • Drafting documentation including consistent procedures and clear specifications for IM delivery Data-Evaluation-Strategy-Program
  • Definition of the delivery organization with roles, responsibilities and competencies
  • Training and development of stakeholders including senior management and both Company staff and third parties within the delivery organization
  • Independent audit and review with metrics and validation
  • IM System periodic updates for continual improvement