When your project requires more extensive engineering services, we can deliver through intelliSIMS

Our high level engineering capabilities are executed through our sister company, intelliSIMS.

Core Engineering Capabilities

  • Detailed design engineering
  • Innovative design solutions / Alternative installation concepts
  • Advanced engineering solutions
  • Asset integrity management
  • Risk-based integrity solutions
  • Life extension and reuse
  • Fire and Blast assessments and studies
  • Fire and Gas Detection Studies
  • Risk and Response assessments
  • Passive fire protection optimization
  • EERA and Explosion scenarios and mitigation
  • Advanced analysis (Structural, Earthquake, Ultimate Strength, Pushover, Finite Element)
  • Engineering critical assessments (ECA)
  • Technology, codes, and standards development
  • Technical Limit studies
  • Fatigue and fracture mechanics
  • Ship impact and dropped object studies