Depending on the availability of input data related to an earthquake event, methods for seismic response analysis of structures may be classified under: (i) time history analysis; (ii) response spectrum method of analysis; and (iii) frequency domain spectral analysis.

While the time history analysis is applicable for both elastic and inelastic ranges of response, the other two methods are essentially valid within the elastic range.

IntelliSIMS has a skillful team analysis to perform all types of seismic response.

Services include:

  • Response spectrum analysis of offshore platforms (SLE or ELE)
  • Seismic pushover analysis of offshore platforms (DLE or ALE)
  • Time history analysis of offshore platforms
  • Analysis of jacket and jack-up coupled interactions under seismic loadings


  • Seismic response spectrum analysis of fixed platform offshore Trinidad and Tobago
  • Seismic pushover analysis of BGTT platforms under DLE load
  • Nonlinear time domain seismic analysis of jacket up structures
  • Combined jacket and jack-up response under seismic loading nonlinear time domain analysis