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Delivering Value through the combination of Technology & Experience.

The IntelliSIMS team, recognized globally for technological excellence, provides experience based answers to meet corporate and regulatory compliance while safely optimizing deployment of valuable resources.


IntelliSIMS helps clients understand how technology can be applied to quantify, mitigate and manage risk.

Through accurate modeling of complex strength, fatigue and fracture mechanisms, IntelliSIMS provides an understanding of the likelihood of structural failure.


Our global project experience and understanding of structural performance provide the ideal basis for practical cost-effective recommendations.

We use our experience to lead industry initiatives to develop technology and innovate to expand the boundaries of what is possible.

Serving the Global Energy Market

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Performance-based Design
  • Risk-based SIM Solutions
  • Life Extension & Reuse
  • Advanced Structural Analyses
  • Fatigue & Fracture (ECA)
  • Strengthening, Modifications & Repairs
  • Codes & Standards

"The only source of knowledge is experience."

-Albert Einstein