IntelliSIMS design innovation is represented in our patented iJacket™.

The offshore industry (API and ISO) now recognizes the true X-braced jacket configuration as the optimum design for conventional efficient lightweight but robust Jacket design. A wide variety of minimum facilities exist but these provide limited or often zero flexibility and multiple design constraints.

The iJacket™ design offers any development project all the benefits of a conventional true X-braced jacket design with a number of additional benefits:

  • The iJacket™ will support the same deck load, conductor/riser count, drilling derrick, wind turbine or other payload as its conventional counterpart.
  • The iJacket™ will meet all the environmental loading demands of its conventional counterpart; whether they be extreme storm, hurricane, or earthquake; in both strength and fatigue.
  • At the same time the iJacket™, compared to its conventional counterpart will…

    • Provide weight reduction in steel of 25-30%
    • Be fabricated for a reduced cost and significant reduction in schedule
    • Be installed with a smaller, less expensive marine spread
    • Will turn launched jackets into liftable jackets; slashing development costs.

Offshore Wind

On typical wind farm developments in water depths of 20m and above the iJacket™ is estimated to deliver a significant reduction in overall foundation costs.

For further information on how you or your customer’s development can benefit from consideration of the iJacket™ please contact us here.