The IntelliSIMS team is the master of various industrial standard FEA software (including ABAQUS, ANSYS, SESAM, ASAS, STAAD, SACS and USFOS). We have carried out advanced FEAs of numerous offshore and onshore structures and structural components to explore their response under different types of loadings (such as, static, dynamic, thermal, explosion or ground motion).

Services include:

  • Global nonlinear FEA of offshore and naval structures
  • Detailed FEA of structural components
  • Design verification through advanced FEA
  • Detailed engineering design through advanced FEA
  • Damage investigation of offshore structures through advanced FEA


  • Damage investigation and strengthening design for deepwater suction piles in the U.S. GOM (Gulf of Mexico)
  • Design verification of suction piles for deepwater GOM floating production systems
  • Detailed design of pile-sleeve connections through FEA for fixed jacket structures offshore Trinidad and Tobago
  • Fatigue damage investigation and repair design of super yacht suffering fatigue failures
  • Detailed design of blast wall for North Sea topside structures
  • Collapsed investigation of a dust collector of blast furnace-confidential
  • Advanced FEA of damages conductors on offshore fixed platforms